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‘There are no space aliens visiting us,’ Spadea says

Las Vegas Police released a video taken a little over a month ago about a suspected "UFO" and you can hear the police asking a passing motorist if they saw the same thing as his partner, something falling from the sky. Then a 911 call from a homeowner living 80 miles from "Area 51" reported an "8-9-10 foot not human creature" in his backyard.

Got me thinking that people love to believe in aliens enough to report all kinds of UFO sightings and stretch any sighting into an "obvious" alien spacecraft. There's even a so-called whistleblower from the federal government reporting that the U.S. government has an "Alien Retrieval System."

Many callers challenged me saying that the universe is waaaay too big to not have aliens...hmm, not sure that constitutes "evidence," but I understand the point.

My thought is that aliens offer a great distraction for people who are rightfully annoyed and concerned about the state of affairs in our country right now.

Out-of-control inflation, a mad rush over our southern border, revolving door of justice putting dangerous perps back out on the street, lack of a consistent and strong foreign policy which is making us and the world less safe, a weaponized federal justice system that is clearly targeting people based on political background, poor forest management leading to fires covering the Northeast with choking smoke. It's no wonder why people are believing and looking for intelligent life out of this world!

My thought is simple: as sure as so many are that aliens must exist because universe size matters and they must be visiting us. I'm equally convinced that it's nothing more than our imagination and wishful thinking.

Your thoughts?

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