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New Jersey needs to legalize raw milk (Opinion)

It makes no sense to me that Jodi and I need to travel out of state to buy raw milk and cheese. New Jersey is the only state in the union to outright ban the sale of raw milk.

Every other state allows for the sale in some capacity. Twelve states allow for direct-to-consumer retail sales while many others allow for farm shares or direct-from-the-farm sales. Whether NJ legalizes "herd share," direct retail, or direct from-the-farm sales, it's time to legalize raw milk in our state.

The health benefits cannot be ignored. A comprehensive study done by the National Institutes of Health demonstrates what farmers have been saying for decades: the probiotics in raw milk are critical to gut health.

In addition to the incredible health benefits including boosting the immune system and delivering bioavailable nutrients to your body, it's delicious.

When you see every state allowing some sale of raw milk, with 46 allowing direct sales for human consumption, it's time for NJ to follow suit and do something that will help create a healthier population and support local farming.

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