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4 critical districts to watch on NJ Primary Day 2023 (Opinion)

There are a lot of races that we've gotten involved with this year as we're putting our "shoe leather" and resources where our mouths are to get our state turned around. I love primaries and do not hesitate to make my choices public to stand up for the right candidates.

The good news is that our efforts are working to motivate candidates and voters with thousands joining our cause to deliver a stronger, better, more qualified Republican majority to take New Jersey back from the radicals.

Here are a few races to watch as we head into Election Day:

Commissioner Jason Sarnoski and School Board Member Josh Aikens Running for the Assembly in Warren, Morris, and Sussex Counties

This race is important because the opponents have been afraid to confront the assault on parents, supporting the gas tax, embracing the pride flag and ESG which is a policy pushing companies toward a "social credit score", it's one reason behind the current wave of wokeness spreading around the country.

I'd understand a Democrat embracing this nonsense, but Republicans? It's critical if you want strength and courage in the legislature to oppose Murphy's mandates for the next two years and help usher in a new GOP majority when we elect a new Governor in 2025, that Aikens and Sarnoski win.

Jodi and I have spent time walking with the team and headlining events. Let's get a win.

Commissioner Nick DeSilvio running for the State Senate and Former Marine Denise Gonzalez and Youth Pastor Michael Clark running for the Assembly in Gloucester, Camden, and Atlantic Counties

Nick has had a hugely successful run as a Commissioner, retiring debt, lowering taxes, and helping government function on behalf of the people. The opponents fighting this team came in at the last minute as a political power move involving Republican county chairs and other backroom dealers, consultants, and former statewide candidates.

They went so far as to go after their own trying to topple Jacci Vigilante, the courageous county Chairwoman in Gloucester. She's having none of it and fighting back.

This race will show how much power the backroom caba still has and how much work we need to do between now and November and beyond!

Senator Ed Durr, Assemblywoman Bethanne McCarthy Patrick, and Hopewell Township (Cumberland) councilman Tom Tedesco running in Camden, Gloucester, and Cumberland

Senator Ed Durr toppled the most powerful legislator in Trenton in 2021. Ed the Trucker is a man who speaks for the regular people who are the foundation of our great state. Ed and his team are being opposed by the same backroom elites who are trying desperately to take out independent thinkers as they try to salvage their diminishing power in the Republican Party.

They recruited Ed's former running mate Beth Sawyer to be the front for their nasty backroom dealing. Beth for her part has no real campaign platform and privately expresses a real snobby disdain for working-class Senator Durr, It's a shame because clearly Sawyer has her own issues to deal with!

Jodi and I have enjoyed the time spent helping this outstanding team and will spend Election Night looking for that win!

Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo running for State Senate in Morris and Passaic Counties

This is a critical race in the 26th District as much of the district (58%) is brand new.

You remember Tom Mastrangelo for his fight to win re-election to the County Commissioner board despite the county GOP throwing him off of their "line" and supporting a challenge.

He crushed the weaker opponent based largely on her failure to stand up for parents as drag queens pushed their agenda on children.

The stake is higher in the Senate race as Tom is attempting to replace an incumbent Senator and bring a much-needed breath of fresh air and a renewed fight to the upper chamber.

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