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Spadea’s chickens have arrived and are bigger than expected

The chickens have landed. In an uneventful drop-off, Katie from "Rent The Chicken" dropped off our coop with four large hens and wheeled it into the backyard. The chickens were bigger than I expected and as Katie explained, they will act as if they are always hungry.

The feed is dry and I transferred it into a sealed bin in order to maximin our fox prevention efforts. The chickens seemed happy, if we're basing it on the noises they were making, they sounded like they were singing.

The good news is that they started laying eggs two days ago and we started with six eggs. The expectation is that we'll have three to four each day which would normally be enough, but with our son Michael returning from San Diego for at least a month, we could be short.

Immediately after arrival, I started thinking about whether I should have gotten eight instead of four, we'll see. So the plan is to collect eggs, refill the water, and feed and move the coop every day right after the show. The great news about working close to home is that I can get home in between events and meetings for my other jobs.

Let me know if you have any advice on the eggs, cleaning the coop, and whether you agree that four chickens are good or eight is better!

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