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Spadea walks with NJ towns fighting governor’s energy plan

It was a busy weekend, for sure. As I like to say from my real estate days, weekends are two working days 'till Monday! This past weekend was Mother's Day and we enjoyed a true down day on Sunday. Saturday however was busy. Our day included a rally, walk and event in Manahawkin.

Mayor John Peterson from Seaside Park gave a rousing speech on behalf of the common sense solution to pause the wind farm mapping before more marine life is disrupted and killed.

Mayor Paul Kanitra from Point Pleasant Beach got the crowd going with his energy and enthusiasm standing up for the local community facing harm from the governor's plan.

Mayor Greg Myhre hosted the event and did an outstanding job. The knowledge and the fight provided by the speakers show what can happen when a community unites for an important cause.

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, Assemblyman Alex Sauickie, and Congressman Jeff Van Drew delivered strong speeches getting the crowd ready for what's next in the fight for our community.

Congressman Van Drew has been leading the charge against the ill-advised program for months.

Know that as long as I have a microphone, you will have a voice to speak out for your family, your home, and your community. I will not stand by while the elite-corrupt-agenda-driven insiders continue to wreck our state. Their time is up. It's US versus THEM and there are more of US. Join me and let's take our state back!

To see where I will be next, check out my schedule HERE.

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