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Will this challenger upset the status quo in Morris County, NJ?

In 2023, there is a lot at stake. The Republicans are poised to make major gains in the legislature as they are only seven seats from a majority in the Assembly and 6 seats short in the Senate.

For Republicans to earn the trust of voters and win a majority, or at least make gains that have eluded the party for many years, they need to promote the concept of a government that will be held accountable to the people who elect them. They need to show the people of New Jersey that they will fight for families, parents, small businesses, communities, and first responders.

Republicans need to show that the priority is to end the woke agenda that has been driving the Democratic majority and interfering in the delivery of some basic services.

Fix the Department of Labor

End bail reform

End the charade of propping up the NJEA

Eliminate the absurd notion of having the Department of Education determine the definition of real and "fake news" for your kids

Cut the corporate business tax

Fix the roads

End the subsidies to bloated institutions like Rutgers and stop paying for illegals to come to the state for a free college degrees and abortions.

Let's go even further: cut the state budget back to Christie levels and deliver a cost-of-living adjustment to our firefighters and cops.

I will continue to roll out the basic ideas and principles that I truly believe will fix our state and give millions the opportunity to DIG IN with me and keep the Garden State as the home to raise a family, build a career, and eventually retire without the constant worry about safety and affordability.

Joining me on Thursday's show was Morris County Commissioner Tom Mastrangelo, who is running for the State Senate. Listen here!

In 2021 he won a huge victory against an insider-endorsed challenger candidate to continue serving as a Morris County commissioner. His campaign centered on opposing the outrageous practice of bringing in drag queens to read and twerk to grade schoolers. It's an issue that is still resonating among parents and teachers throughout New Jersey as the number of people rising up to oppose the sexualization of kids is spiking across NJ and our country.

Parents and most normal people are sick and tired of the political and agenda-driven propaganda that has infused our education system over the years.

One other issue that Tom is running on is opposition to the outrageous bill passed earlier this year that empowers the Department of Education to push the woke agenda of crushing opposition to the group-think narrative.

As you know, the bill got national attention with former Trump cabinet secretary Dr. Ben Carson calling into the show to express disappointment. Unfortunately, it was sponsored by a Republican, which again highlights the reason why we occasionally need a contested primary to hold incumbents accountable.

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