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Spadea has your workaround for NJ plastic bag ban

As I've been saying for a few years now, the idea of a bag ban is ludicrous from go.

First of all, most products in the grocery store are wrapped in plastic so the idea is targeted only at the convenience of how to get items from checkout to your car.

Secondly, as predicted, the so-called reusable bags are creating more waste than ever before and potentially carrying bacteria, creating a health concern.

One of the driving messages from the bag-banning advocates is to save landfill space. As I've said since 2017, we are not in any danger of filling up the landfills anytime soon, not even close.

As the waste piles up and people are essentially using reusable bags as "single-use", there is a rising number of people calling for major changes to the bag ban. Some of us want to see an outright repeal or a new governor to end the enforcement of the absurd and wasteful law.

Last year I wrote about how we use far less water and fossil fuels making the so-called "single-use" bags as opposed to the so-called "reusable" bags. Given the sheer incompetence of the Legislature in New Jersey and the far-left agenda of the governor, turning presidential candidate, there isn't a hope that we'll have our convenience back until we elect a new governor in 2025.

So for now, I've got your workaround. Introducing our new product, triple plus use disposable plastic bags! Made right here in New Jersey by a great company, ANS Plastics, located in New Brunswick and owned by two brothers, Tamar and Romy.

I'm not making any money on this offer, just want to make the life of average New Jerseyans a little more convenient. So support and visit this NJ small business HERE and start shopping again like a normal American.

Remember, the bags are perfect to bag your groceries, line those bathroom waste bins, send friends home with leftovers, pack a lunch for school or work, and of course, pick up after the dog. If you're one of my haters, you still need to shop and pick up after the dog, right?

So buy the bags and use the side with my face on it for the dog poop. It'll be therapeutic!

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