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It’s time to end New Jersey’s sanctuary for illegals

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Hypocrisy, panic and ignorance are three accurate ways to describe New Jersey Democrats these days.Many of the same voices who called white Republicans racist for wanting to secure our southern border are now calling on the Biden regime to keep illegals away from the Atlantic City Airport. We've seen the hypocrisy from the Democrats in New York as Mayor Eric Adams panics over the influx of illegals into his sanctuary city, all the while he's still posting on social media his support for what he calls "Asylum Seekers."

He's upset that NYC is being overrun.

In New Jersey, Congressman Jeff Van Drew has been leading the charge, as he has throughout his entire career, on behalf of citizens and New Jersey families and communities. Biden's latest assault on citizens involves a continuation of a misguided and dangerous policy of leaving our border wide open for illegals.

The estimate on our illegal population has now topped 16 million, with more than 150,000 crossing each month.

Gov. Murphy has tweeted emotional responses acting as if the problem is in opposing the sanctuary state instead of standing up for American families, communities and taxpayers all suffering from the massive influx of illegals.

Now that the Democrats are seeing the tide start to turn in New Jersey they will desperately try to pretend that they have been standing with the people all alone. It's simply not true.

The Democratic majority has been complicit with the Biden administration tearing down our borders allowing criminal aliens to avoid prosecution and allowing crime rates to rise.

You have a chance to vote in November. Will you vote for common sense at the local and legislative level? All 120 NJ legislators are up for election...what will you decide?

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