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NJ would put tampons in school boy restrooms and you’d pay for it (Opinion)

When logic and reason are replaced by emotion and political favors, things go off the rails right quick.

Given the economic crisis in New Jersey with so many small businesses suffering under regulations and taxes if they haven't already closed, you'd think the Legislature would have better things to do than push the absurdity of feminine hygiene products in the boy's bathroom.

The radicals are running the state now, with the extreme-agenda grade school curriculum and the anti-science push that there is essentially no difference between boys and girls, it's all about how you "feel" or "identify."

The basis of the new school curriculum pushed by the department of education is all about gender identity and questioning "birth gender." We saw this disaster as a biological man became the girls swimming champion.

It's time for parents and average people to push back. First of all, there are at least 99 other problems in New Jersey facing parents, kids, and small businesses, and the lack of tampons in the middle school boy's bathroom isn't one of them.

According to bill S1221, sponsored by state Sens. Teresa Ruiz, D-Essex, and Vin Gopal, D-Monmouth, the law would require school districts to provide students in grades 6-12 with "direct access to feminine hygiene products in all of the school bathrooms free of charge."

"Any costs incurred by a school district in complying with the provisions of this bill will be borne by the State," the bill says. "For purposes of this bill, 'feminine hygiene products,' mean tampons and sanitary napkins."

One of the few voices of reason in Trenton, Sen. Mike Doherty, R-Warren, joined me on the show to discuss his opposition to the bill and the next steps in the fight to return some normalcy to the Garden State.

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