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NJ push to translate gov’t docs into non-English languages is wrong (Opinion)

In another attempt to "virtue signal" and spend your tax money, a New Jersey lawmaker is proposing to spend millions to translate government documents into 15 languages in addition to English.

We were joined by state Sen. Ed Durr this morning who explained his position on the idea. We agreed that the proposal is absurd.

The millions of dollars it would cost is a slap in the face to the businesses and taxpayers who are suffering from the aftermath of the lockdowns and the impact on our current economy. It's expensive, unnecessary, and potentially limiting for immigrant families.

Learning English in a nation that speaks English is a critical component of success. The ballots are in English. Road signs. Legal documents. All in English. And that's the case across the nation.

For New Jersey to spend the money on a change that is inconsistent with the rest of the nation makes no sense. The millions of dollars spent on a small minority of people who do not understand English is a waste of critical resources.

Speaking multiple languages is a gift and something that rightfully impresses most people. Why not spend our resources to help legal immigrants learn the language of their adopted home country?

Why not create a return on investment by attracting legal immigrants to New Jersey to live and work by surpassing other states in the education of immigrants?

Instead of catering to a small minority who are unwilling to learn English, how about we offer the opportunity for willing, legal immigrants to fully embrace the local language?

The challenge is we have a government in Trenton and Washington focused on flooding our nation with people here illegally. Literally distributing illegal border crossers on busses to communities throughout the nation.

In New York and in California, non-citizens are empowered to vote in local elections, and with the Democrats' full-on assault against anyone proposing a voter ID law to prove that you are legally allowed to vote, there is no doubt that many illegal votes will be cast.

The spokesperson for the ACLU was quoted in a recent article as being supportive of the measure because New Jersey is a melting pot. Not so sure she understands what the concept of a melting pot means. In American terms, the idea is that diverse backgrounds and languages come together as Americans with a shared culture, language, and civic engagement.

We are already a divided country when it comes to politics, that division will increase by isolating people by their native language.

English is the official language of global aviation and the unofficial-official language of business. It is a disservice to legal immigrants to encourage communication in any language other than English.

If a private store wants to cater to immigrant populations in native languages that's their choice. But the government should simplify and recognize that English is the language of the United States. It's time for a bill in the legislature to make English the legal official language of the State of New Jersey.

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