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NJ lawyer fighting Hunterdon Central’s cancel culture for protected speech

A member of the Hunterdon Central Regional High School Board of Education is fighting back against a cancel culture assault on her reputation.

Attorney Ron Berutti is the attorney representing board member Rebecca Petersen. At issue are tweets from an anonymous account disagreeing with the board's policy on the sexualized curriculum that I have been discussing for months now.

As Ron explained, the anonymous account is protected by the Constitution and the board has no right to hurl accusations and disparage a fellow member publicly. I mentioned the fact that Thomas Paine had the revolutionary pamphlet "Common Sense" published anonymously.

Ron brought up the fact that the media is empowered to protect the identity of anonymous sources. The challenge in our current culture is that people who dare to challenge groupthink are under assault. The corporate media and political bureaucrats have many believing that sexualizing kids and hiding gender identity of school-age kids from their parents is somehow normal.

For those of us fighting back, as this narrative is both is unsettling and dangerous, we're subject to an onslaught of accusations of intolerance and bigotry. It's one of the reasons that our Parental Bill of Rights has caught on generating tens of thousands of letters from angry and upset parents who want to protect their kids and families.

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