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New Jersey Republicans takes first step toward rebuilding

For many years there has been frustration in New Jersey as the majority of Democrats continue to increase the spending budget, debt, and perks to special interests.

As I have said for the past few election cycles, it is critical that we understand that the solution is bigger than simply replacing the majority with a new one. We must elect new leaders to the Legislature and eventually the governor's office with smart, effective, courageous people who stand for the average New Jerseyan.

Middle and working-class employees, first responders, families, and small businesses have been crushed by out-of-control spikes in the cost of living fueled by irresponsible politicians in Trenton and the insiders they support in Washington.

Crime is a big issue now as criminals are coddled and we saw thousands released before the end of their sentences and thousands more being released through ill-advised and dangerous bail reform measures.

Illegals are being encouraged to come to the Garden State "sanctuary" to get a driver's license and receive taxpayer subsidies while citizens struggle to make ends meet.

The last GOP nominee for governor (who's been running for the past nine years) even supported illegals getting licenses in a huge slap in the face to Americans watching their nation cater to people who break the law.

We're now in what many are called a border crisis with a couple hundred thousand illegals crossing from Mexico every month. Having a GOP statewide candidate help fuel this madness was certainly one of the reasons he lost to Murphy in perhaps one of the most winnable elections in the nation.

Small, family businesses continue to suffer under the highest regulatory and tax burden in the country. The cost of food is spiking and basic conveniences are all on the chopping block by the Trenton government for the latest virtue signaling ban.

Basic infrastructure needs are not being met as hundreds of bridges are in such disrepair they are considered "structurally deficient" by the federal government. Motor Vehicle Commission continues to be a challenge for new drivers and truck drivers trying to renew CDLs.

The Department of Labor is so dysfunctional that thousands have been left out in the cold without the checks they are counting on to pay for basic needs. Special needs kids continue to suffer from a lack of staffing and local funding plus the stall in the legislature for basic accountability on school buses.

Special needs adults are also in harm's way as the Legislature stalls basic protection bills based on partisan politics. Teachers are still putting in their own money to support their classrooms as NJEA bureaucrats wine and dine their friends and allies. And teachers are bearing the brunt of misguided policies in Trenton including the outrageous sex curriculum.

Nurses are still subjected to COVID-era mandates that have been challenged from the outset of COVID and continue to be challenged. The evidence is so overwhelming that even our neighbors in New York ended the masking mandates at healthcare facilities.

Cops have been held off from getting a cost-of-living adjustment for years while the government continues to view cops as guilty until proven innocent when they use force to stop criminal activity.

Dead whales are washing up on our shores in record numbers and the governor continues to push the environment unfriendly windmill plan.

The Legislature got national attention for a misguided "media misinformation bill," which will do anything but help kids stay away from the propaganda dominating the news and social media.

In their latest virtue signal to radicals, the Legislature is set to ban "non-flushable wipes." Yup, they'd rather make the job of our moms even harder while ignoring the real problems of over-taxation, rising debt, crime, and business closures.

The good news is that help is on the way. Not only have we launched the highly successful grassroots organization but now with more than 105,000 people who have joined the fight. Many big players are now on board to help us get New Jersey back on track including former White House political director Bill Stepien who managed both of Chris Christie's campaigns for governor.

GOP stalwart George Gilmore is also on board to help guide the new movement to success. The new GOP grassroots movement made a big splash at the latest meeting of GOP leaders. NJGOP Chairman Bob Hugin and Executive Director Tom Szymanski organized a successful leadership summit in Atlantic City over the weekend.

I have been critical of the NJGOP for several years now but I am always willing to compliment when it's deserved. Hugin and Szymanski did an excellent job pulling the conference together. They and several legislators, including Assembly Minority leader John DiMaio, Antwan McClellan, Christian Barranco, Brian Bergen, and many others that the future understand that the Party has to embrace the many New Jerseyans currently registered as Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

The path to changing our state is to motivate and motivate middle and working-class workers and families who have been left behind by the Democratic majority seemingly only interested in Left-wing virtue signaling, wokeism, and catering to giant corporations.

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