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New Jersey needs help — Spadea has a plan (Opinion)

Earlier this week, I caught up with a young man who has dedicated his time to fighting for our rights and our country. His name is Shawn Farash and he's from Long Island. His comedy career as a Trump impersonator started by accident while bowling with friends. He goes by the name "Captain Deplorable 45".

He leads a group called "Loud Majority" and is on a mission to help people get their rights back as Americans after the lockdowns and mandates.

The conversation is funny and insightful, and yes, he does the best Trump impression that I've heard. As a matter of fact, don't take my word for it, the former President agrees.

We're happy to have Shawn appear as "Captain Deplorable 45" at our upcoming event "A Seat At The Table."

This event is a gathering of several hundred parents, patriots, and small business owners from across New Jersey. Perhaps one of the strongest aspects of the nearly sold-out affair is that there are national speakers coming in to help New Jersey dig out from under the corrupt Democratic majority and weak Republican opposition. We are truly building a movement of tens of thousands of concerned citizens ready, willing, and able to fight back.

As I've talked about on the air, the victories achieved in 2021 are just a starting point. We saw hundreds of brand new candidates at the local level. Many moms and dads deciding that they simply had to step up and get involved in local government to prevent the assault from the bureaucracy on their families and businesses.

We saw many new faces win election in the state Assembly and Senate. We saw some out-pacing the vote totals at the top of the ticket. Meaning this was a grassroots, ground-up surge of new voters unhappy with the weak, cowardly political class elites at the top of the ticket.

We captured the energy of that local surge with our new advocacy group, the Common Sense Club. We've hit FORTY THOUSAND members and are adding 1,500 each week. We learned a lot from the 2021 contest for sure.

The GOP candidate for governor had been running for governor since getting embarrassed in 2017 losing the primary to Chris Christie's LG, Kim Guadagno. Can you imagine losing to a person tightly associated with the least popular governor in our lifetime? You have to really try to fail that miserable. Fast forward four years and the same guy loses to Murphy despite a groundswell of backlash from parents and business owners. The same backlash that catapulted the GOP nominee in Virginia to victory was not happy with the NJGOP handpicked guy.

Making this story even more disappointing for New Jersey, now stuck with Murphy for the next four years, is the NJGOP is taking a victory lap pretending that close means a win. Don't buy it. And never forget that the "cabal of corruption" currently leading the NJGOP. Palatucci, Bramnick, Kean, Hugin, and Jack Citarrelli all left you and your families on the battlefield to fend for yourselves while Murphy and the Democrats wrecked our schools, destroyed thousands of small businesses, hurt our kids, and made our communities less safe.

For his part, Jack couldn't even spend the time to speak on behalf of the Newark firefighters being fired for not taking the jab. He couldn't even commit to ending the mask mandate for kids! Jack wouldn't even consider cutting the funding for planned parenthood and returning to the budget level of Chris Christie.

We tried to get through to him and explain that he and the NJGOP were simply ignoring the real crisis impacting our fellow New Jerseyans. We even made it super easy by outlining SIX things that Jack could embrace before the election to earn the confidence of the voters. Jack and his kitchen cabinet of incompetents were more interested in a campaign paycheck than delivering a solution, so they ignored us AND YOU.

The people of New Jersey deserve a lot better. There are more than TWO MILLION unaffiliated voters and ONE MILLION registered Republicans. They are ready for real leadership and real change. They are ready for fighters who will protect our neighborhoods and stand up for families, small businesses, and first responders.

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