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Local community bars under assault from far-Left Murphy

Gov. Murphy is at it again.

We've watched him tell us that the government money is "my money" that he can use to spend however he likes including spending more than $114,000 for ONE RUG in his state house office, hundreds of thousands of COVID relief dollars on custom SUVs for his team, and millions on radical groups and free college for illegals.

Now he's turned his attention to expanding liquor licenses in a move that will devalue the licenses held by family restaurants and bars overnight.

"It's poorly thought out, I think," New Jersey-raised actor Kelsey Grammer said on my show on Wednesday morning.

I've been advocating against this irresponsible and unnecessary move since it was announced, holding Tavern Town Halls around the state to give restaurant and bar owners a voice to hopefully stop the madness.

One event was at Ellery's in Middlesex when owner John Ellery invited me in to speak the truth about the governor's folly. Turns out Ellery's is the go-to place for Kelsey Grammer who you know well as Frasier.

Kelsey grew up in Colonia, New Jersey and when he's back in the Garden State, Ellery's is the place he stops in, and yes, everyone knows his name. Kelsey has his own brand of beer called, "Faith American," which is served on tap at Ellery's year-round.

Grammer joined me on air to discuss the move by the governor to devalue the licenses and the value of community bars and taverns. He's had a long and successful career and certainly doesn't have to be such a strong advocate which makes his effort standing with the rest of us so valuable.

Listen to the interview here!

And by the way, for all of you Frasier fans, Kelsey said the reboot is aimed to air Oct. 1 on Parmount+.

Grammer's no stranger to adversity growing up and dealing with several terrible tragedies in his life starting with the murder of his dad when he was just 13. He continues to smile and move forward providing great entertainment and a voice of common sense.

We're lucky to have his voice as we fight hard to restore integrity and common sense to New Jersey's government.

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