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Is this the candidate who will defeat the NJ bag-ban senator?

One of the most annoying new laws in New Jery is the ban on plastic bags in the grocery store. In addition to the absurdity of banning the bags while just about every other food product in the store is wrapped in plastic, there's the NJ ban on paper bags as well.

Makes zero sense but that seems to par for the course in Jersey politics these days. I've written about the ban and how the so-called reusable bags are actually worse for the environment and how we are hurting special-needs people and the elderly in our community.

You can also read about the energy opportunity with landfills and the fact that the very premise of the ban is based on the selective use of irrelevant half-truths.

Sen. Bob Smith, who sponsored the bag ban, recently backpedaled and wants to see his own legislation walked back based on the inconvenient truth that he's made things worse.

Smith is up for re-election in 2023 and may find that his relatively easy path to power will have more than a speed bump to contend with this year. Enter Bill Mikita. Bill is an accomplished attorney who is a partner in a firm based in Monmouth and Middlesex counties.

He has served as a municipal prosecutor and continues to represent and champion doctors and healthcare facilities in fights against insurance companies. He's a guy showing his willingness and ability to fight the big guys on behalf of the normals and has an incredible work ethic.

I'm happy to be appearing at an event for him tonight, Wednesday, March 22, in Piscataway. Join me if you can and learn more about why this New Jersey attorney has a shot at taking back a Senate seat from another arrogant and misguided politician.

As you know, I'm out and around the state nearly every day visiting small businesses, schools, medical centers, churches, community centers, and event venues to spread the word of common sense solutions to get our state back on track.

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