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How does NJ feel about the potential arrest of President Trump?

Over the weekend, social media blew up over the possible arrest of President Donald Trump. The allegations stem from the 2016 controversy involving porn star Stormy Daniels who accused the president of having an extramarital affair back in 2006.

Seems that the crime in New York City is seemingly ignored by the NYC district attorneys, and so many accusations surrounding the Biden family and influence peddling, profiting on their position.

House Republicans have been pursuing this for many months along with the U.S. Senate but the media and the politicized prosecutors would rather talk about porn actors and Trump. What's more is that the alleged "crime" would be a misdemeanor and the porn payment, not illegal. It's all about how the money was reported or allegedly "hidden."

For me, it's more about the fact that we have a public safety crisis in so many cities across the nation and according to many law enforcement experts, the turn toward politicizing the DAs offices has made us less safe.

We were joined by Hunterdon County Sheriff Fred Brown and Former Navy SEAL, federal marshall, and FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam to provide an expert opinion today.

Does this have more to do with the torrent of attacks that President Trump has faced since winning the election in 2016? I'm old enough to remember that many in the media, on social media, and elected Democrats in high office saying for years that Trump stole the election, colluded with the Russians, etc. All debunked, of course.

Then when Republicans questioned the legitimacy of some of the state contests resulting in Biden's election, they were vilified, canceled, fact-checked, harassed, and physically assaulted. Some leading Democrats even called for violence against administration supporters.

Trump has had a huge impact on New Jersey politics over the past few years as well. One of the reasons that the former GOP nominee for governor lost in a year that saw a victory in Virginia with very similar circumstances, was that Jack Ciatterelli (other than saying his campaign was "too white") hates Donald Trump and attacked him throughout the race.

His hatred started when he called him a charlatan ahead of the 2016 election. And then he publicly declared he wouldn't vote for him. So Jack clearly has no respect for the 45th president or the nearly 2 million New Jerseyans who voted for him.

The good news is most Republicans and a growing number of Democrats see this charade for what it is: a political witch hunt that has been going on since 2016. Most people are far more concerned with the state of our economy, rise in fentanyl deaths, sexualized curriculum in our schools, and public safety among a hundred other issues more important than whether Donald Trump's finance team put a dollar amount in the wrong column.

If you'd like to express your opinion, there's a rally tonight in Tom's River led by some young New Jersey leaders including Mike Crispi who joined me on air Tuesday morning.

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