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Here’s a solution to propaganda and mandates in NJ public schools (Opinion)

Throughout the mandate madness over the past few years, many parents started looking for a workaround. Back in October 2021, I interviewed a New Jersey dad who broke from the system, teamed up with several other families and started a "micro-school" in order to deliver a truly well-rounded education for his and other kids.

In the article detailing the interview, I discussed my public policy ideas to provide tax credits and other encouragement for micro-schools, home schools, and work-at-home moms.

As my wife Jodi and I make our way around the state, we have been fortunate to meet so many strong, capable people taking their kids' futures into their own hands and rejecting some of the more egregious propaganda coming through our public school system.

On Monday, as a part of our "common sense tour," we met Jill and Joe, who own Tranquil Teachings Learning Center in Monmouth County.

We toured the classrooms that are set up for K through sixth-grade lessons and were so impressed. The atmosphere was pleasant, energetic, and positive. The teachers, kids, and parents that came out to meet us were smiling, polite and engaged.

Bill Spadea at Tranquil Teachings Learning Center

The school features a well-rounded education from math to science to reading to agriculture to outside activities. Teachers who left the public school system to step up and help this growing small business proved expert input and guidance.

The great thing about this school and the dozens popping up around the state is that they operate as an extension of home-schooling. That means it's up to the school and teachers to move the kids along and prepare them for higher grades. From what I've observed, the kids seem better prepared for high school, college, and trade schools due to the positive reinforcement, focused instruction, and friendly, family-focused atmosphere.

It's time for New Jersey to have a governor who recognizes the need for balance in education. New Jersey is a diverse state with room for public, charter, private, micros, and home schools.

As public school funding costs taxpayers more and more every year, as school systems in places like Newark and other cities are sub-par despite the best efforts of teachers, and as politicians continue to punt on the real solutions to fix the pension and health benefits, we must act.

Let's have incentives for families who opt for community solutions like micro-schools. Let's empower moms who decide to take on the hard work of raising families and managing education and the household as a full-time job. Let's empower people, communities, and families by rejecting the morally bankrupt and perverse mandates coming from the Department of Education and the governor.

Better days are ahead. Keep diggin' in with me. Keep the faith and the fight!

Please help this great group of parents and patriots as they deliver a real-world practical solution for families and kids. I gave $100 this morning, donate what you are able. Thank you for helping me make New Jersey the best place to live, work, raise a family, and retire. Click

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