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Having problems with NJ gov’t? Help is on the way (Opinion)

"Work It Out" Wednesday. It's your opportunity to call the show and see if I can help direct you to the right problem solver to resolve whatever issue you're facing with New Jersey government.

We are seeing tremendous success reported back from our listeners who are finding some relief. Most of the calls have to do with frustration with the Department of Labor and the delivery and service regarding unemployment.

It's maddening that we have a dysfunctional government where the top of the food chain, the connected elites, and bureaucrats making six figures, never skip a check, but the working men and women living week to week are suffering.

The guy in charge of the Labor Department, Rob Asaro-Angelo, has never been held accountable. If I were his boss, he'd have been fired a long time ago — probably never appointed in the first place.

It's time for New Jersey to think about who they are voting for and stop electing politicians who are only interested in a promotion, a pension, or a nice addition to their resume. We need to elect competent people who can implement practical solutions and manage the function of government.

This week I addressed the obvious problem of having people air their grievances on the air as they used to do when then-governor Christie appeared on "Ask the Governor" with Eric Scott.

Christie would solve one problem or another on the air for a sound bite. The problem is that for every person who calls, there are thousands suffering. He was the governor. Why did he not fire someone or hold the bureaucracy accountable? Why did he put on a show in order to win votes instead of actually making government work for the people?

The reason? He was positioning himself to run for president and your problems simply weren't important enough for his plans.

Much like the current governor. Murphy is clearly positioning himself to run for president, evidenced by his immediate reversal on the perverse lessons being proposed for grade school kids after we hammered him and the legislators with more than 35,000 letters from parents.

So until we have a regime change in Trenton, I will continue to dedicate my show on Wednesday to helping you resolve the issues with New Jersey government.

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