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Gov. Murphy sued by head of Election Law Enforcement Commission

Jeff Brindle, who has served as the Executive Director of the Election Law Enforcement Commission in New Jersey for the past 14 years is alleging that the gov is trying to force him out illegally.

His attorney Bruce Afran joined me on Monday to discuss the suit, which names the governor and several administration officials saying that they are trying to oust Brindle in order to take control of the government agency charged with administering NJ's campaign finance laws and disclosures.

The governor has been on a mission to amend the recently passed campaign finance law to allow him to appoint commissioners directly and bypass the State Senate. The battle over Brindle's job according to him started when the governor accused him of sending an anti-gay email. Turns out the email was simply questioning why employees were granted time off to celebrate someone "coming out" and not able to celebrate Lincoln and Washington's birthdays.

The gov demanded he resigns and he refused. Now he's taking them to court.

As we head into another election cycle in 2023 and another every year after, this suit is one to watch.

If you want to help Bruce, visit SAVE NJ ELEC.

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