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Fighting depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide in NJ? Find help here

New Jersey is in crisis at many levels. Among the issues plaguing our young people is the battle against addiction and the struggle for mental health. To that end, we've put together a free event that will serve as a starting point to empower students, parents, teachers and coaches.

On June 28, we're partnering with leaders in Morris County including Mayor Mark Taylor, Mayor Ace Gallagher, Sheriff James Gannon along with Common Sense NJ and the Nicholas Hudanish Foundation for a Free Seminar on mental health. Young people battling addiction or struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression or anxiety are welcome.

We're also asking teachers, coaches and parents to join us to learn some of the effective strategies to implement to identify, address and prevent these issues.

The event will be held at the Ridgedale Middle School at 71 Ridgedale Ave. in Florham Park. We'll start promptly at 7 p.m. and should wrap up by 9 p.m. If you don't want to attend in person, you're welcome to join the live stream.

The goal of the free seminar is to empower community and family leaders and struggling young people with tools and strategies necessary to help achieve mental health. Suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety are hurting our youth more than ever it seems — not just coming out of the isolation of the lockdowns, but the general breakdown of institutions, families and neighborhoods over the past few years is taking a toll.

Social media influencers and radical preying on our kids are causing irreparable harm to so many innocent young Americans. Parents, teachers and coaches want to help and can be frustrated when the help offered isn't making a difference. Please join me at this critical event in Morris County. Whether in person on online, I'm looking forward to meeting you and providing a platform for help and support.

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