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Could Donald Trump’s running mate be a Garden Stater?

It's possible for sure. New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew joined me on the show this week to discuss the outrageous and highly political indictment of the former president. I wrote about my take on this clear abuse of the judicial system for political purposes last week.

Congressman Van Drew has been an outspoken advocate for middle and working-class Americans throughout his career. Tired of "politics as usual", he left the Democratic Party a few years ago in order to stand up against the radicals who wrestled control of the Democratic Party. According to Van Drew, the "final sign" was the Democratic leadership forcing all Democrats in the House to support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The witch hunt against the former president continues as he is arraigned this week in New York. From my perspective, this is a clear weaponization of our justice system designed to shut down political opposition to the far Left narrative eroding the foundation of our constitutional Republic.

Thankfully there are champions of liberty like Congressman Jeff Van Drew speaking up for Americans. If President Trump is able to fight his way through the "third world circus" going on in Manhattan and secures the GOP nomination in 2024, there is no doubt he will have New Jersey's toughest and most outspoken political leader on the shortlist for Number Two.

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