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A new strategy to help kids with autism in New Jersey

Autism is spiking in New Jersey and New York. There are plenty of theories as to why this is happening. Some say vaccines, some say it's processed food, and some say it's simply genetic.

Regardless of your position on why, we know that we've hit a crisis level in New Jersey and there are thousands of families who need help for their kids TODAY. Autism is up 500% over the past 16 years so as researchers, scientists and concerned parents discuss and identify root causes, the rest of us should focus on helping the kids who are affected.

One mom, Alexandra Ponsica, is advocating for a new communication technique called, "Spelling to Communicate." She's behind the first Spelling to Communicate (S2C) Clinic in New Jersey.

Inspired by the techniques promoted in the movie "Spellers" and the research from Rutgers professor Elizabeth Torres, this could be a game changer for families struggling with autism.

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