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How you can support parents fighting for our rights in NJHow you can support parents fighting for o

My friend Erik Peterson, who faithfully serves his constituents in Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren counties in the New Jersey Assembly, and our common sense team that has been fighting for parental rights for the past two years, are stepping up to help parents fight to restore their rights.

I brought you the story of Kristen Cobo, the mom in Morris County being sued by the school librarian after she exposed the outrageous and inappropriate sexually explicit books available to children. I spoke to her at length about the battle to protect kids and parents from the efforts of those who are pushing to sexualize our schools and kids.

With the governor and attorney general suing the school board in Hanover to stop them from involving parents when kids are struggling with their identity, and the overall push from the Left to sexualize children and recruit them into the radical "trans" political movement — some call it grooming, some call it outright child abuse, but whatever your terminology, the battle is on to protect kids from predators and stand up for the parents defending their kids.

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