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A model for NJ schools: Academics, agriculture and America

As you know, my wife Jodi and I are making our way around the Garden State helping promote small businesses which serve as the backbone of our economy and our local communities. Hopefully, we'll see you at one of our free-to-attend "town halls."

Bill Spadea at the Marlboro Diner

On this small business Monday (brought to you by my friends at VCS) we focused on "micro-schools" which are growing around the state.

Essentially a micro-school is a neighborhood/community school funded by attending families and the generosity of supporters focused on academics and well-rounded education. The rise can be attributed to the culture of mandates pushed in the schools and what many parents consider offensive, race-baiting, sexualized, downright anti-American rhetoric and instruction. As a result, many parents are taking their kids' education into their own hands.

Homeschooling is on the rise and in New Jersey, it's easier than in most states. One mom, Jill Perez, took the idea of homeschooling and combined it with a small classroom experience with certified teachers and structured and social learning. Her "micro-school" is called "Tranquil Teachings" and is based in Holmdel, Monmouth County.

The focus of the pre-K through 6 schools, complete with certified teachers, many of who left the public school system during the lockdowns, with a concentration on academics, agriculture, and American culture. The idea of teaching reading, writing, and math with a strong component of history to educate kids on the greatness of America is missing in our current public schools.

Academics is the concentration on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday and Friday, the school has enrichment days. This includes art, the outdoors, and agriculture. In the case of social studies, the school goes beyond the state standards and includes a thorough focus on American history.

Tranquil Learning Center is a model for parents and teachers across the state. It's one of the great examples of why we need tax incentives to encourage and empower more parents and educators to bring schools back to the local community outside of the dominance of the NJEA and the morally bankrupt bureaucrats at the DOE. My vision is to create a tax incentive through a real estate tax credit for families making this choice.

For those who will continue to attend public school, we need to first limit the power of the NJEA by stopping the funding to the pension plan until they accept massive and dramatic changes including a "time served" date that will be the dividing line for those who will continue to receive promised benefits and newer union members who will be converted to something more practical and affordable. Then we need to overhaul the Department of Education.

The state DOE should offer support and structure for homeschooling, micro-schools, and charter schools. Most managers should be terminated for their actions leading to the sexualized curriculum which should be thrown out straight away. The public/private partnership offering parents a true choice in their education is what should define education policy in New Jersey. The "Tranquil Learning" focus should become the defining statement of New Jersey public schools as well: "Academics, Agriculture and America".

As we undertake this fight to create true choice in education, it takes the generosity of many of us to support these schools. Jodi and I made a contribution to help this school in Holmdel and I'd encourage you to do the same. We gave $100, but any amount is helpful. Please help if you are able.

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