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As much as I love spending time in the kitchen preparing the few things that I'm actually good at making, especially pork and breakfast, the kitchen wins every once in a while.

Preparing breakfast on Sunday morning after Mass, I found out that the new knife sharpener is working exceedingly well! Through the potato and deep into my fingertip went the knife.

Not my first kitchen injury by any means, I've told the story on stage of the knife going into my thigh and my ER visit, hopefully, the last.

Anyway, the cut was deep and it took several hours for the bleeding to stop. My doc friend told me it might still bleed when I rewrapped it for work on Monday morning. The suggestion? Super glue! Unfortunately, I didn't have any on hand and had to rely on waterproof medical tape which did the trick.

The key was pouring hydrogen peroxide over the wound to clean it and make sure we avoid an infection. It hurt, but an infection would be much worse.

Then I changed the gauze and tape every few hours. By the morning I was good to go. We heard a lot of home remedies on the show when I told the story, including putting your finger in a can of coffee grounds to stop the bleeding. Hmm, not sure I'd try that. I think pressure and holding the wound above your heart with a tight wrap should do the trick. There's always super glue in a pinch.

Have you done any of this in your home? Hit us up on the free New Jersey 101.5 app and let me know your story of home injury and healing and you might hear it on the air.

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