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Spadea NJ small business tour continues county by county

For months now, my wife Jodi and I have been making the rounds across the state visiting small businesses to help build their business and draw attention to the need for pro-business policies in Trenton. That will continue through this upcoming weekend and next week.

The great news is you can join me at most of the events for free. Some events require a ticket purchase, but whether you attend the event or not, each business is worth a follow-up trip to grab a meal, buy a gift or enjoy a service.

My short-term goal is to promote businesses that would otherwise not be able to make the investment in a huge PR campaign and long term to implement policies in government that encourages businesses to start and thrive in the Garden State. Starting with a major cut in the Corporate Business Tax. No way NJ businesses should be paying the highest in the country.

For some reason, the Democratic majority doesn't get it and even the leading candidate for the nomination for governor in 2025 has doubled down supporting the tax! Literally, saying YOU paying MORE taxes is critical for the government.

What?!? Steve Fulop may need some classes in responsible government and budgeting, more to come on that front. For now, let's promote the great businesses around the Garden State. Join me if you can!

If you have a small business in New Jersey and want to schedule a meet and greet, let me know by calling the show at 1-800-283-1015, hitting us up on the free NJ 101.5 app, following my social media, or emailing me at

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