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NJ's Corruption and Incompetence cost YOU millions.

We talk about it often on the airwaves. New Jersey has the worst business climate in the nation. Especially when it comes to small businesses trying to make ends meet dealing with taxes and over-regulation. According to a recent Tax Foundation report, NJ ranked 50th, dead last, when it comes to business taxes. Our friends at the New Jersey Business and Industry Association reporting in their 64th annual Business Outlook survey showed that a full 75% of NJ business owners think that the Governor and the legislature are falling short on doing anything to soplve the problem. Looking at how our government is acting shows that they are accurate. Take the more than half a million dollars that Murphy and his cohorts spent on eight brand new SUVs - gas guzzling SUVS despite all the talk about green energy - and they used federal Covid relief money to do it.

Then look at the sheer incompetence of the county government in Mercer County, led by forever incumbent Brian Hughes. This clown show missed millions of dollars in payments over a three-year period costing taxpayers millions of their hard-earned dollars.

Between the outright corruption of diverting covid relief, to the sheer incompetence of the majority democrats leading the legislature and some counties, we have a problem. It's one of the reasons that we are seeing massive growth in the organizations that I've launched. People want something different. They want leadership. We can even see progress across the river in PA where the legislature and the left-wing governor actually worked out a compromise lowering the business tax rate to 4.99%, which represented a 50% cut in the onerous tax. Will NJ follow?

Rosemary Becchi from Jersey 1st joined me on air to discuss how we get NJ back on track - we talked about business taxes, Covid spending and the possibility of enterprise zones in our cities. Listen Here.

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