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Financial Literacy Lacking in NJ. Here's the First Step to Fixing It.

For many years I've been talking about the lack of financial knowledge among so many people. This is especially true in Trenton where the Governor and the majority Democrats have increased the state spending budget from a high of around $35 billion under Chris Christie to a whopping $51 Billion four years into Phil Murphy. That's an increase of 45%.

Wow. Are you getting 45% more in service from the bureaucracy in Trenton? Not likely. The challenge with a spike in spending is that someone has to pay for it. So many middle-class taxpayers who can't leave based on their obligations to family, work and community are just stuck with a higher tax bill year after year. Part of the problem is that the basics are not taught in school and fewer and fewer people are willing or able to hold the politicians accountable. I had a detailed conversation with my friend Rob Gill this week. He's the head of Epic Financial and he's got some great input for people to learn about finances and begin on a journey to stability through empowerment and knowledge. He's offered a FREE TOOL for you to see where you stand and get you started on improving your knowledge. There is no doubt that knowledge is power and without a real understanding about money and how to use it, we will continue to slide down the path toward insolvency. New Jersey needs leaders who understand money. New Jersey deserves leaders who recognize the struggle of working and middle class families to make ends meet. Families are forced to live on the paychecks coming in every week. When the cost of living rising so dramatically in the garden State and surpasses the increase in pay, it's troubling. The fact that so many New Jerseyans have left the Garden State - we lead the way in outmigration for five years running now - should be the wakeup call we need. Check out my conversation with Rob HERE and take advantage of his free planner to at least start the conversation in your home. Change in the Garden State starts with YOU. Get your finances in order and help me restore fiscal sanity in Trenton.

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