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Spadea: Some NJ politicians are on your side

Assemblyman Brian Bergen, a veteran and advocate for middle and working-class families in Morris County, is backing a very important bill to protect disabled veterans.

Assembly Bill 522 stipulates that disabled veterans will get a percentage reduction in their real estate tax bill aligning with the percentage of their disability rating. It's simple common-sense legislation like this, which highlights the ways government can actually help people. Brian has been an outspoken leader when it comes to fighting for small businesses and parents. This latest bill is on par with his advocacy and leadership since winning his first election to the legislature as a Republican in 2019.

Former Assemblyman Jamel Holley who also served as mayor of his hometown Roselle, is coming back. Jamel served in the Legislature from 2015 until 2022 and as mayor for the three years prior to his assembly election. He's a Democrat who understands public service and providing for people who don't have a voice. He was and continues to be an advocate for medical freedom and was one of the first political leaders to stand up for the people of Newark during the water crisis in 2019. He's running for mayor in Roselle and will be the leader the city needs.

Senator Ed Durr is another champion of working people across the state. Winning his election in a major upset unseating the powerful senate president in 2021, Ed is ready to face the voters with his strong record of advocating for people, small businesses, law enforcement and veterans. He's even co-hosting a TV show with my friend Heather Darling who serves as Morris County surrogate. I am a guest on the show coming up this weekend.

We've had a ton of notes asking how you can stay informed about the political and advocacy issues that I'm involved with on a daily basis. There are two ways, join me on the trail in person, and /or simply join the fight and get on our list! If you want to join me at one of our numerous town halls, celebrating good government and offering common sense solutions to fix what the Trenton insiders have broken over the decades, check out the schedule and join me! You can also visit to stay informed about everything that we're fighting for as we pick up the pieces from three decades of failed political leadership in Trenton.

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