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Spadea’s audience, positive message trumps negative NJ insiders

You know me, when the back-room insiders try to stop me from helping people, I fight back. That's been the case in a few counties across New Jersey as some "old boy network" legacy leaders don't like the fact that the Common Sense movement is gaining traction and growing faster than any grassroots organization in the region.

We're up to nearly 110,000 members and combined with the largest audience in New Jersey, we're having a huge positive impact.

For me, it's all about the three principles that should shape our government policy and our goal to implement the plan over the next few years. Standing up for parental rights, supporting small businesses, and restoring public safety. Each category comes with dozens of finer points, which will eventually end up as legislative initiatives and executive orders when the Republicans take back the Legislature and capture the governor's office in 2025.

Unfortunately, there are some so-called party leaders who would rather hold onto their position than encourage growth and opportunity for average New Jerseyans to have a say in their future.

Earlier this week, I had a national leader on the show talking about how average New Jerseyans can help me reshape the Republican Party by empowering average New Jerseyans.

My mission is to continue to reach out and empower cops, firefighters, teachers, small business owners, parents, and everyone with an interest to see New Jersey get back to our state motto: Liberty and Prosperity.

Earlier in the week I spent time in Union County, despite the best efforts of the insiders to discourage people from inviting me in, and the events were huge hits!

We are currently booked through June hitting events, small businesses, and live broadcasts in Monmouth, Union, Camden, Salem, Morris, Cumberland, Atlantic, Cape May, and Burlington Counties where local back-room bosses are desperately trying to hold onto their shrinking power base.

I'm a builder, as you know, creating alliances and making friends even with political leaders whom I've disagreed with in the past. With our huge audience, it's easy to bypass the insiders and bring the message of common sense and hope that NJ can turn around. Thousands of local elected officials, candidates, small businesses, and regular folks have joined the movement.

It's exciting to work closely with some great candidates and party leaders to win this year and beyond, Ocean, Somerset, Mercer, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Warren, Sussex, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Passaic, and Bergen top the list of great opportunities for growth as we look to change the majority in Trenton. All are led by serious leaders who want to bring about serious change to elevate people, protect kids, empower parents and teachers, encourage prosperity among our small businesses, and let our first responders do the job they were called to do.

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