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Papa John joins Spadea: Cancel culture and building a business

"Papa" John Schnatter took some time to have a conversation with me recently.

My discussion with John included the wild story of his controversy with the NFL and about being canceled by the company he founded and built from the ground up. Then we discussed his ultimate vindication and his comeback journey.

After the audio was uncovered by "Papa" John's legal team and released by the former CEO, it became obvious there was a lot more to the story being told by his accusers.

Listen HERE and you'll read and hear clear evidence that the hired PR company actively discussed using the recording of John talking about race into a "viral" release that would topple the billionaire entrepreneur. Of course, what was released to the press and run in overdrive by the corporate media was select audio of the "N" word. What's missing is the reference John was making to another franchise company owner who used the word without repercussion.

John was actually articulating how the company was combatting racism and rebuilding after the flap with the NFL, but that context was completely lost and buried. Listen to the conversation as John explains how he believes the attack on him was an "inside job" and how high up the political food chain the attack on his reputation goes.

It's a compelling conversation with one of the greatest entrepreneurs in American history. A man who had the strength, vision, and courage to turn a broom closet in his dad's tavern into a multi-billion-dollar company with 5,000 stores and more than 120,000 employees. It's also a frightening look behind the curtain where a word can be taken out of context and used to disparage a man with no history of racism or intolerance.

My conclusion is that it's a combination of cancel culture and greed that took out John and is still jeopardizing anyone who disagrees with the group-think narrative.

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