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NJ mom files airline complaint: Whose responsibility is it to protect you from your allergy?

Decades have passed since the old adage "eat a pound of dirt while growing up and you'll be healthy " was acceptable as a parenting technique. Maybe the idea wasn't so bad after all.

A rising number of doctors are suggesting introducing babies to certain foods and potential allergens, particularly peanuts, early in order to build immunity.

Recently a New Jersey mom filed a complaint against a major airline for what she describes as a staff member's refusal to accommodate her son's "life-threatening" peanut allergy.

It got me thinking that we've come a long way from people who were at risk doing everything to protect themselves and what we have now. Today, everyone else is expected to bend over backward to accommodate whichever person has the issue. Not that I think it's unfair to expect us to all try to get along with the one-off situation where a kid has a life-threatening issue, but a peanut allergy that could kill you?

Thinking that the last place a kid in that condition should be is on a packed plane headed to a college tour. The question for you is whether or not that's insensitive, or do you feel the same way?

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