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Backing the Blue

As you know, I've spent my broadcast career highlighting the critical importance of standing up for the men and women in Blue.

Police officers have much more than a job, more than a career, they truly have a calling.

Since so many family members are on the shift with cops on patrol, at least emotionally, praying for their safe return after a long day protecting and serving.

It must be an enormous relief when an officer gets to the end of a 20 or 25-year journey to have earned the right to hang up the uniform, pass the duty to the next in line, and move to another phase of life.

I'm proud of the job our NJ cops do every day on behalf of the rest of us. Today, I'm proud to recognize two cops who are taking the last call at 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 16. My friend John Pearce, who is the GM at Hyundai of Trenton and stepped up to contribute a thousand bears for our "Feel Better Bears" program, alerted me to a mutual friend whose brother is one of those cops.

Roseanna Passucci's brother, Jeffery DiNoto, has served on the Pennsauken Police

Department for 27 years. He's going to continue his service to the community as a member of the Knights of Columbus and as a minister helping people going through traumatic challenges in their life.

Officer Dinoto is a strong example of the call to service which is what it means to be a law enforcement officer.

Also retiring Friday with a final call at 3 p.m. is Officer Todd Goschler who served as a member of the Pennsauken PD for the past 25 years. Todd served both as a school resource officer and a member of the US Marshall Service on the fugitive task force in the Camden division.

We wish both men well and congratulate them on a career of exemplary public service. Remember, there is a thin line between civilization and savagery...and that line is BLUE.

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