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Are you renting, leaving, or buying in the Garden State?

We had a robust conversation on the show Wednesday as yet another report detailing the outrageously high taxes in the Garden State. We know they're high. And for many young, would-be first-time homebuyers the idea of adding an extra $850 to the monthly mortgage payment is simply too much.

Callers shared stories of having to continue renting because of financial difficulties given the high cost of living in NJ even without the outrageous real estate price tag.

As expected, many people have decided that they will retire and head out of state. For today at least, most of the conversation was about moving to Florida. Although I did call out a few asking how they'll deal with the lack of great pizza, Florida won the day with great weather and low, low taxes.

There's more to Florida as we have also seen how the state government functions properly, delivering licenses and services in a fraction of the time that the same service takes in NJ.

We've also heard about Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and for some of the more bold exit planners, South Dakota.

As we build the vehicles that will help us turn NJ around in the next few years, it's clear that not everyone can wait that long. Some need to make a decision today, based on the current crop of back-room elites who run the government.

The question is where do you stand in the great "should I stay or should I go?" debate?

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